The new vehicle locking system with a breathalyzer that will become mandatory from July


For years,
both the European Union and the DGT are committed to reducing the number of deaths on the road as much as possible This work has recently translated into the introduction of new traffic legislation and a general tightening of existing sanctions.

In this sense,
The European Parliament approved a new regulation in May 2019 requiring a pack of eight security systems on all new car models sold on the market
from July 2022 These new security systems called
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)are part of the program
“vision zero” which aims to reduce the number of deaths from accidents in the European Union to zero by 2050. In the specific case of these ADAS systems,
they are expected to prevent a total of 25,000 deaths and 140,700 serious injuries over an 18-year period

the aim is to gradually build in these new systems in the coming yearsstands out among the first eight to bring the new homologation cars out of the factory from July
the vehicle locking system with breathalyzer
(also called alcohol interlock) Hospitalized.

First of all, it should be noted that what the European Union will really commit from July next year is the
pre-installation of a system in all new cars to facilitate the implementation of a lockable breathalyzer,
not to be installed in vehicles of previous manufacture In addition, he has
The installation of this system depends on the legislation of each countryenabling its application in general or in particular to certain drivers.

The Vehicle Lockout System with Breathalyzer
Not only
allows the driver to know his blood alcohol level and if you are fit to drive but
also prevents the driver from starting the car if it exceeds the maximum rate of alcohol has been established. In addition, the “Alcolock” can be programmed to e.g
a thorough surveillance of the vehicle or driver about the use of alcohol.

The operation of this system starts as soon as we start the car, since:
is connected to the ignition of the vehicleso that if the driver fails to check by blowing on his breath analyzer, or exceeds the set speed, the vehicle cannot be started. Also,
the «alcohol interlock» has a control module that collects and archives the results to create the history of its use and thus know the evolution of the driver in this regard.

However, there are certainly many users who want to buy a new vehicle from now on
they can think about the possibility of falsifying the data to be able to drive over the blood alcohol level.
However, this is not possible The sensors it has guarantee that mechanical devices cannot be used to avoid monitoring, because in addition
the system will include fingerprint, pupil, face, or digital photo recognition technologies which are stored in the device’s memory to always identify the user and prevent data falsification, thus preventing drunk driving. That is why
the «alcohol interlock» can be a very important measure to reduce accidents as much as possible caused by alcohol and thus save countless lives, although
it is still necessary to establish the legal framework for its use

Source: La Verdad


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