Reumannplatz report – war between Afghans, Syrians and Chechens


Drugs, weapons ban zones and youth gangs: does the infamous Reumannplatz in Vienna-Favoriten deserve its bad reputation? wanted to see it for themselves. Part 2 of the report focuses on drug trafficking.

Over two days, spent a total of 16 hours at Reumannplatz and spoke to residents, entrepreneurs and drug dealers.

Challenges of living together
The TV crew was not only out during the day, our team also kept their eyes and ears open at night. The result is not only a report on the problems at Reumannplatz itself, but also a social study on the challenges of living together in Austria.

“These are dangerous people”
Sausage stall owner Ayse reports: “Syrians, Afghans and Chechens are currently fighting for dominance here. I don’t know if this is a gang war. These are dangerous people. When they are at the sausage stand, everyone is very nice. But when they leave, the cruelty surfaces again.”

The problem with medications
What many interviewees mention as a problem is the extensive drug scene. An employee of the swimming pool: “We act openly here day and night. This contributes a lot to the aggressiveness among young people.” Cannabis, cocaine and painkillers are the bestsellers. But the drug scene is also a symptom of another problem.

You can see part 2 of the “Tatort Reumannplatz” report in the video above!

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Source: Krone


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