Basque unions ask to defend in Congress that Navarra and Euskadi decide on their public employment without “vetos”


To this end, ELA, LAB, CCOO, Steilas and ESK have called on the Basque political forces for bilateral meetings on May 20. In addition, the centers will resume their mobilizations on May 27, when they will hold rallies in front of Eudel’s headquarters and the Basque government in Bilbao.

Labor unions ELA, LAB, CCOO, Steilas and ESK the Basque political forces have called for bilateral meetings May 20th to urge them to defend in the Congress of Deputies that salaries and employment in the public sector can be decided in the Basque Autonomous Community (CAV) and Navarre without “vetos” from Madrid.

At a press conference in Bilbao, representatives of these unions, which have promoted mobilizations and strikes in the Basque public sector, without the help of UGTwith this demand as one of their main demands, have announced this round of contacts with the parties that achieved representation in Hegoalde at the last general elections.

The plants are waiting PNV, EH Bildu, PSE-EE, PP, Elkarrekin Podemos and Sumar to respond to your request last Monday to hold bilateral meetings in Bilbao next Monday.

The trade union representatives will, as they have indicated, submit to them a proposal to submit to Congress an amendment which, if approved, would allow the provincial areas to decide on the conditions of their public employees by regulating from their institutions salaries and establish employment. conditions of its officials.

With this, “we would have no problem strengthening public services” by generating and consolidating government employment, in addition to improving working conditions, the ELA representative indicated. Igor Eizagirrewho believes that achieving it is “a matter of political will”.

Press conference in Bilbao.  Photo: EFE

He explained that although a budget law is not being debated in the Congress of Deputies, it is being negotiated a bill to adopt economic and social measures arising from the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle Eastand to alleviate the effects of the drought, whereupon the socialist group and Sumar tabled an amendment “making it impossible to negotiate salary increases other than those set by Madrid.”

The unions have criticized the Basque armed forces’ failure to present themselves no amendment to this legislative project that prevents this restriction, and that is why they have decided to explicitly ask for it in the proposed contact round to “lift Madrid’s veto”.

In addition, the centers will resume mobilizations in the public sector next day 27when they will hold meetings in front of the headquarters of the Association of Basque Municipalities Eudel and the Basque Government in Bilbao.

In these protests, they will demand that the Basque institutions “cease to function as mere subdelegations of the Spanish government” and strengthen public services, in addition to improving the conditions of their staff. Likewise, the unions plan to demonstrate on the date preceding the vote in the Congress of Deputies on the above-mentioned bill.

Source: EITB


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