61-year-old in hospital – life-threatening: activist called off climate hunger strike


61-year-old in hospital – life-threatening: activist called off climate hunger strike

A participant in the Berlin climate hunger strike broke off the action due to acute danger to his life. Michael Winter, 61, said Saturday that he had decided to start eating again after 31 days. He had been in a clinic in Munich since Wednesday with heart problems. Doctors had diagnosed a life-threatening health condition. However, other participants in the ‘Starve Until You Are Honest’ campaign want to continue.

According to their own statements, the climate activists want to convince German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) to make a government statement on the excessive concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the urgency of a change of course. According to a government spokesperson, Scholz does not want to meet the demands of the demonstrators.

“Endangering my life enough”
Winter explained: “My personal conclusion is that I have risked my life enough to conclude that Olaf Scholz would rather accept deaths than tell people the truth about the climate catastrophe.” of ‘paying the ultimate price for the greater good’.

Activist Wolfgang Metzeler-Kick, who has not eaten solid food since March 7 but only juices, electrolytes and vitamins, wants to continue his hunger strike. He explained: “I don’t want to die. But I am willing to risk my life so that the population learns the truth about the tragedy of the climate catastrophe. Whether it is due to my death or a government statement from the Chancellor, I leave that in the hands of Olaf Scholz.”

According to the campaign ‘Hunger until you are honest’, in addition to Metzeler-Kick, four other people are on hunger strike. They live in a camp near the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs in Berlin.

Source: Krone


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