Ten clubs affected – sports clubs are in shock after burglaries


Unknown people attacked ten clubhouses in the Tulln district (Lower Austria) in just one night. In their coups they not only stole money, but also a bus!

A series of burglaries keeps sports clubs in the Tulln region on edge. Because in one night two men probably struck at ten crime scenes. Among those affected were football, tennis and dog sports clubs in Grafenwörth, Kirchberg am Wagram, Großweikersdorf and Absdorf.

The procedure was largely the same at all club locations. The criminals gained access to the building and smashed a window in the club building. Inside, the perpetrators were mainly looking for cash, although the damage caused was probably significantly higher than the value of the stolen goods.

Bus key found
Except at USC Kirchberg/Altenwörth. The burglars also found the key to the club bus there, which they probably used to drive to another crime scene. “It was mainly used for young children, which makes the theft doubly bitter,” says chairman Dominik Tillich about the missing Ford Costum.

Striking: There were two unknown bicycles on the club grounds. The thieves may have previously traveled with these companions and it may have been stolen as well.

The police are currently still investigating the traces. We would be grateful for information from the public on 059/133 3285-100.

Source: Krone


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