Unusual murder weapon – scissors in the back during an argument in the pub


What an unusual murder weapon: On Monday at 2:45 p.m., a North Macedonian (29) apparently stabbed a fellow countryman (53) at least once in the back for an unknown reason with a pair of scissors in a bar on Wiener Straße in Linz. The motive is unclear and the suspect is said to be at large.

The 29-year-old then fled, after which police were able to verify, pursue and ultimately arrest him based on witness observations. The murder weapon, scissors, was found and secured. The attacker was then taken to the Linz police detention center.

Motive is unclear
The victim was taken to hospital after receiving first aid. Why this attack occurred is currently under investigation by the Linz police. In any case, the suspect claims that the victim attacked him with a knife and that he therefore defended himself with a pair of scissors. Of course, a stab in the back doesn’t go well with this…

Report in general
After consultation with the responsible public prosecutor’s office, the release of the complaint was ordered. Further investigation into the intentional causing of serious bodily harm is ongoing.

Source: Krone


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