Resurrection via AI – Why the return of the dead is “highly risky”.


Resurrection via AI – Why the return of the dead is “highly risky”.

Anyone who dies becomes silent forever. At least, that was the case until now. But so-called dead-or-mourn bots (from the English verb ‘to mourn’) can now bring the voices and nature of the dead back to life with the help of artificial intelligence. An ‘ethical minefield’, experts warn of social and psychological damage caused by the emerging ‘digital afterlife industry’.

Bianca lost her grandmother Laura when she was twenty-eight. Both had a very close bond, and after Bianca left her home country to take a new job abroad, they often called, texted and sent voice messages to each other. It has now been seven years since Laura’s death. Bianca no longer grieves, but still misses her grandmother. While scrolling through her Instagram feed and she comes across an ad for a service called MaNana, which allows users to create AI-based chatbots of their deceased grandmothers, she decides to give the app a try.

Source: Krone


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