Teen kills entire family over cell phone confiscation


The motive for the murder of a teenager in Brazil who wiped out his entire family is incomprehensible: his parents had to die because they took away his cell phone as punishment. 16-year-old Igor Gomes also killed his sister. Afterwards he lived next to the corpses for days.

The bloody crime took place in mid-May at the family home in Sao Paulo, southeastern Brazil. According to the 16-year-old, his parents confiscated his cell phone even though he was using it for a presentation at school and called the boy a “bum.”

He then shot his adoptive father Isac Tavares (57) in the back of the head with his pistol after he turned around. The 16-year-old sister, who ran down the stairs after being shot, was hit in the face by a bullet. When the mother, Solange Gomes (50), came home and found her deceased husband in the kitchen, she was also shot by the boy.

In this post you can see photos of the family:

Teen spent weekend next to dead bodies
However, the three bodies were not discovered until three days later – the teenager himself called the police on a Monday after many flies circled around the remains and they started to decompose. He eventually told investigators the gruesome details of his actions. He had spent the entire weekend next to the bodies. After the massacre, he continued his usual routine, visiting his gym and going grocery shopping. In addition to the bodies of his family, he also ate meals, the Metropoles newspaper reported.

Bub was surprised when he was arrested
The teen’s mental health is now under investigation. During his police statement, he said he was surprised that he was arrested at all. The researchers were shocked at how easily the boy talked about how he had wiped out his family and then lived next door to them.

Source: Krone


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