Prank causes drivers to hit the brakes


It is a tradition, especially in the Mühlviertel: the Unruhnacht. Even though less and less is being taken care of. In the past, objects lying around were taken to draw attention to the “pig pile”. In Gramastetten, pranksters have now – successfully – pointed out a ‘traffic problem’.

“Since when is there a radar here?” – in zone 70 in the Gramastetten industrial area, many drivers are currently hitting the brakes. But the so-called flash doesn’t flash – instead of the camera, there’s a CD behind a plastic window. And the ‘radar’ is held together by black adhesive strips.

Blitzer won’t be around much longer
The solution to the mystery is simple: the fake flash was hung at Pentecost during the ‘Nacht van Unruh’ or ‘Nasty Night’. It probably won’t stick around for long, because either the doll will fall prey to the weather or it will be removed by the authorities.

Source: Krone


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