Death tragedy in Tyrol – boy (3) starves: pre-trial detention against parents requested


The Public Prosecution Service has decided: An application for pre-trial detention was filed on Friday morning against the parents of the three-year-old boy from the Tyrolean district of Kufstein, who was found dead in the family apartment at the beginning of this year. week. The investigation is being conducted on suspicion of murder; the child is said to have died of starvation.

On Wednesday, the parents (25 and 26 years old) were arrested after an inpatient stay due to a psychological emergency. The first interrogations took place on Thursday and on Friday morning the Public Prosecution Service decided to submit a request for pre-trial detention.

According to the investigations to date, it is suspected that the parents ‘failed to provide the three-year-old boy with adequate food and fluids for a period of at least several weeks and failed to contact a doctor, despite the obvious deterioration of his health. and his apparent weight loss.” StA spokesperson Hansjörg Mayr.

Death from “mass malnutrition”
The boy was found dead in his bed late Monday at Pentecost after his father called the police. According to preliminary autopsy results, the three-year-old child died “due to massive malnutrition.”

In any case, further research will continue to reveal the extent to which “the child’s death may have had other medical causes.” However, so far there is no evidence of this.

Father is silent, mother explains
“While the father has so far exercised his right not to testify, the mother stated that the child had been ill in recent weeks and had no appetite. A visit to the doctor was planned soon,” says StA spokesperson Mayr about the previous examinations.

The regional court will soon decide whether there is an urgent suspicion and reason for detention and whether pre-trial detention should therefore be imposed.

The family has not been spotted by the authorities so far
Three other siblings were placed in the care of Child and Youth Services. The girls (1, 3 and 6 years old) showed no symptoms of deficiency. The family had also not previously come to the attention of the authorities.

Source: Krone


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