Police alerted – attention, danger! Use of acid in burglaries


Police alerted – attention, danger!  Use of acid in burglaries

Warning from the Viennese police: Recently, more and more burglaries have been taking place in apartments in the federal capital, where acid is used to destroy the cylinder lock on the door. The police advise extreme caution if you find such a photo at home. The acid could cause serious injuries and the investigation is ongoing.

About a dozen burglaries have now been committed in the same way, according to the police. The unknown perpetrators first apply acid to the locks of the doors to destroy them. Then the door can be opened.

Avoid touching
The acid poses a great danger, it can lead to serious injuries, the police warn: “If there is liquid on the apartment door or on the door lock after a burglary, avoid contact with the liquid at all costs,” according to the management. The acid has a corrosive effect on the skin, respiratory tract and mucous membranes. If you do come into contact, the affected area should be rinsed immediately with clean water. You are also requested to contact the police immediately.

Source: Krone


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