Luis Enrique’s anger and self-criticism in the dressing room: “They can’t beat us with intensity”


Beyond the football aspect, where there are several points to improve, the one that is most pointed in the dressing room of Spain after falling before Japanese It was the attitude, especially in the second half. Property Luis Enrique, especially in anger, he communicated this to his players just to end the clash. A message that penetrated his football players. At the break the Spaniards were classified as first. They know I won Germany against Costa Rica and they do the same against a Japan and they relax a lot.

As Kubo explained to MD, it was difficult for the Japanese to get up on the pitch and they took advantage of the break to start again, as well as changing the scene and being more offensive, now there is no defeat. “In the second part it seems they were eliminated and they came out more motivated than us. We have to correct that, nobody can surpass us in intensity”, he pointed out. Paul Torres. The Villarreal center-back took note for the next match against Morocco, because this is a World Cup: “They won’t beat us with motivation. Any team can compete, so we have to go out focused and not give up a minute because it’s coming back they have nothing.”

In the same line, Azpilicueta He admitted that after the break the Japanese “changed gear. They made a change of attitude, were more aggressive and it was difficult for us to find our rhythm”. The Chelsea captain doesn’t care if he falls Japanese he brought them to the side, perhaps, the most affordable of the table: “Defeats are never good. You have to be ambitious and go to every game,” he indicated, calming the atmosphere he had already imagined a cross in the quarterfinals against. Brazil when it was undecided. played or against Japanese. “We have to recover, they are going to demand the maximum from us,” he pointed out, focusing on the clash against Morocco.

Red’s fear prevailed

PeterFor his part, he admits that fear hindered them. Unlike his coach, the Barcelona midfielder pointed out that “we found that we were out” and admitted that “we have a feeling of being overwhelmed”. The Canarian international encouraged his team to make a clean sheet. “We have to leave our morale behind, we wanted to come out stronger from the group stage but it’s not possible,” he said. More than that, he wants to start raising spirits: “We have one more chance and we have to do everything.” And he stressed: “Battles are life or death.” Now, more than ever.

Source: La Verdad


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