Sensitive data – Viennese top lawyer victim of hacker group


It’s no wonder lawyers are often targeted by hackers, given the sensitive data they hold. Now the office of a renowned Viennese business lawyer has been hacked. The perpetrators publish the lawyer’s passport – and probably demand money.

In the evening hours of May 10, the name of a renowned law firm in the center of Vienna suddenly appeared on a darknet page on the website of the international hacker collective “Monti”. The hackers themselves explained what this meant. They claimed to have stolen a large amount of data from the lawyer’s computers.

Lawyer information popular on the dark web
According to their own information it was 180 gigabytes. It is unclear exactly what data this should involve and how much money they want from the Viennese lawyer not to make the data public. In any case, ‘Monti’ has already published a copy of the lawyer’s passport. More than 12,000 hits show that there is interest in the data.

Lawyer does not deny or confirm attack
According to ‘Krone’ cyber expert Dr. Cornelius Granig is referring to a “particularly dangerous” group because it is also known for using malware for the Linux operating system. According to Granig, many Linux users believe they would be better protected than with Windows systems – a misconception. When asked by Krone, the lawyer would neither confirm nor deny the attack.

Law firms must above all protect data
It is unclear whether the group will actually publish data in the fall as announced. However, Granig, who himself advises law firms on data theft, warns. Lawyers’ specially protected communications, such as the status of legal proceedings or information about contracts and secret agreements, are ideal for blackmail attempts. This profession should emphasize the highest level of computer security. This also means that important data is always stored and transmitted in encrypted form.

Source: Krone


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