After a brief discussion, a Green Party politician attacked in Germany


A Green Party politician was attacked during an election campaign in Göttingen, Germany on Saturday. After a brief political discussion, a man punched her several times in the upper body, leaving state MP Marie Kollenrott with minor injuries.

The incident took place at a campaign stand in a pedestrian area near the old town hall in Göttingen (state of Lower Saxony). According to initial findings, the man first made derogatory comments about the Greens and briefly discussed the matter with the later victim. He then walked up to the woman, punched her in the upper body and walked away, police said.

The state MP and a witness chased the attacker and alerted police. Shortly afterwards, the 66-year-old was temporarily arrested. State security is now investigating. Kollenrott suffered minor injuries to his arms in the incident.

Here you can see a post on X about the incident.

The number of attacks on politicians is increasing
“We condemn the attack in the strongest possible terms,” said Green Party leader Anne Kura. “Physical attacks on Democrats are an attack on our democracy. We are shocked, but we will not be intimidated.” “Our democracy only works if people visibly commit themselves to their faith in public,” said the SPD Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil. It is “unacceptable that politicians repeatedly victimize of violent attacks during election campaigns.”

Politicians and campaign workers in Germany have been repeatedly attacked in recent weeks. In Dresden, SPD election campaigner Matthias Ecke was beaten until hospitalized, and local politician Yvonne Mosler (Greens) was jostled and threatened as he put up election posters. AfD politicians were also the target of attacks.

Source: Krone


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