Large-scale fire brigade operation – boys adulterated gasoline: the house burned down completely


Three young boys between the ages of twelve and seventeen wanted to mix gasoline with two-stroke engine oil for their motocross machines in their workshop in Carinthia. But suddenly the mixture ignited.

On Tuesday around 5 p.m. the sirens sounded in the Lower Drautal. The location was a workshop in the municipality of Stockenboi. There, three young boys wanted to mix fuel from 20 liters of gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil for their motocross machines, which were also in the workshop. “For unknown reasons, the mixture suddenly ignited,” police said. “A full-scale fire broke out in the workshop and spread to the nearby residential building.”

Fire produced enormous heat
The boys tried to fight the fire with a small fire extinguisher, but failed. The fire brigades in the area (Feistritz/Drau, Ferndorf, Kreuzen, Olsach-Molzbichl, Paternion, Pöllan and Stockenboi) battled the flaming inferno with 85 emergency services and eleven vehicles.

“When the first vehicles arrived, the adjacent building was already completely on fire,” FF Feistritz describes the situation. “Due to the enormous heat, the fire spread to the roof structure of the residential building, which also completely went up in flames within a very short time.”

The roof had to be covered
That is why additional respiratory protection teams were also alerted. While the water supply from the Tiboldbach flowing past was assured, the fire brigades fought the fire – unfortunately they had no chance. “The outbuilding burned to the ground, the roof structure of the house had to be laboriously opened and then removed with a timber company crane,” FF Feistritz explains in conclusion.

While Paternion firefighters were still extinguishing the fire, there was still no information about the cause. “Specialists from the National Criminal Investigation Department are responsible for determining the exact cause of the fire,” the police said. Fortunately, the three boys were unharmed.

Source: Krone


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