Police investigate – crazy animal haters shoot innocent four-legged friends


More cowardly attacks on pets in Styria: dog “Stella” and cat “Indigo” were rescued by veterinarians

Police in Western Styria are again concerned about a case of animal abuse. Recently an unknown person shot Stainz’s tomcat “Pecco” with two bullets in Ettendorf – now it hit “Stella”, the small dog of a large family in Wildbachberg. Nursing assistant Patricia H. became concerned when her 5-pound mixed breed, who usually spends time in the yard, suddenly vomited in the evening. “I suspected he had been poisoned and immediately called the vet.”

Matthias Weber, who was effectively off duty, then unlocked his Stainzer practice to examine the animal patient. “At first there was nothing to see, but then he discovered a bullet hole in my dog’s stomach,” says Patricia H.

Only emergency surgery saved the life of “Stella”, whose condition had worsened by the minute. “The X-ray showed that there was a projectile from an air gun in the liver. The abdominal cavity was already full of blood,” says veterinarian Matthias Weber.

The dog is now doing well again, but the shock runs deep in the West Styrian family. “My daughters were completely exhausted. That someone is shooting around in the middle of a residential area where children are playing is nothing short of unbelievable,” says Patricia H., hoping that the cowardly shooter will be found quickly. The Deutschlandsberg police have taken over the investigation. It is unclear whether there is a connection with the most recent case in Ettendorf. “The two cases are at least food for thought,” Weber emphasizes.

“Unfortunately, this cruelty is reality”
A very similar case has now been reported from Nestelbach near Graz: tomcat “Indigo” was found seriously injured there and handed over to active animal protection. “We immediately saw the severely swollen leg from which pus was oozing – the large abscess made us fear the worst,” says spokeswoman Katharina Gründl.

Numerous splinters were discovered on the X-ray – and so it was a sad certainty: “Indigo” had clearly also been shot. “We don’t know if it was for fun or because they wanted to evict him from a property. “Unfortunately, this cruelty is reality,” says Gründl, shaking his head.

No report has yet been received by the responsible PI Laßnitzhöhe – but they only investigated a cat that had also been shot in February. As in Ettendorf, these investigations also had to be stopped without results.

Source: Krone


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