Conflict with neighbors – pensioner (74) almost killed by roof tiles


Since the adjacent property changed hands, the Benkö couple from Unterwart (Burgenland) have been annoyed by “landfill-like conditions” and a “life-threatening access road”.

There is not a single cannabis stem in the Benkö family’s garden. Even the access path that ends at the garden gate has recently been renovated. “My husband takes great care to ensure that everything is in order,” says Margarethe, the woman in the house in Unterwart.

“He doesn’t do anything, nothing at all.”
Previously, the 74-year-old says, everything on the adjacent plot was in top condition. “Until a Hungarian bought it two years ago. He doesn’t do anything, nothing at all. He has never mowed the lawn since, everything is overgrown.’ In fact, the wild growth is much taller than the lady’s, and among them lie mountains of trash and rubble. ‘He’s not from there! He brings it here with the trailer and then throws it into the garden.” What bothers the lady most: the house, which has no water and no electricity, is in danger of collapsing. ‘I have to go there immediately. Recently a roof tile fell down and almost hit me. There wasn’t much missing.”

What must we do? Find the conversation. And don’t think so. That is why the mayor was called in to inspect the area. “Yes, visually speaking it is actually not the burner,” says local boss Hannes Nemeth (ÖVP). “But legally you can’t do anything.” Ultimately, the Hungarian duly submitted the renovation plans to the municipality. “Now he has a few years to realize this. And maybe he’ll bury the rubble as a base for a garage.’ And the latent danger to life? “In this regard, he was tasked with securing this one side of the house.”

Margarethe Benkö must be annoyed again. “I’ll talk to the mayor again.”

Source: Krone


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