Pfotenhilfe Lochen – Injured baby marten found in garden


A baby marten was found injured in a garden on the border with Upper Austria. Now it is cared for in Pfotenhilfe Lochen.

Director Johanna Stadler found several bite wounds on the head and took care of the little marten. The injuries are believed to have come from a dog. To be sure, the vet x-rayed his head because pus was leaking from one eye, but he found no fracture.

“The baby needs a lot of rest now, but is on the mend and is eating well. As soon as it is suitable again, a baby marten of the same age will arrive, which I have been bottle-raising since March,” says Stadler. “Then the two can move to a large aviary where they are prepared for the wild.”

Martens important for the ecosystem
Even if the drivers are not marten friends: the animals are an important part of the ecosystem because, like foxes or badgers, they are predators that mainly catch weakly reactive and sick animals and are therefore part of nature’s “health police”. This means that only healthy and strong animals can reproduce.

Source: Krone


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