After fatal attack – Scholz wants to transfer ‘threat’ to the Taliban


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to make it possible to deport serious criminals to Afghanistan and Syria again. “Such criminals must be deported – even if they come from Syria and Afghanistan,” Scholz said in the Bundestag on Thursday. The German Chancellor did not say exactly how this would work legally.

Scholz pointed out that the Interior Ministry was looking for “legal and practically feasible ways” to allow the deportation of criminals and dangerous people to Afghanistan.

Do not tolerate the glorification of terrorism
The ministry is also in discussions with neighboring countries of Afghanistan. We will no longer tolerate the glorification and celebration of terrorist crimes. “That is why we will tighten our deportation rules so that the formation of terrorist crimes results in a serious interest in deportation,” Scholz said. “Anyone who glorifies terrorism goes against all our values ​​and should also be deported.”

“In such cases, German security interests outweigh the perpetrator’s interest in protection,” the head of the traffic light government said, justifying the initiative. “There is no place here for serious criminals and terrorist threats,” he said.

“The time for announcements is over”
“The time of warning and condemnation, of belittling and announcing is now over,” said opposition leader Friedrich Merz. “People expect us to take action. They expect decisions. They are waiting for a clear, unequivocal answer from politicians,” the CDU leader said.

Last Friday, an Afghan wounded five participants in a meeting of the anti-Islam movement Pax Europa and a police officer with a knife in Mannheim. The officer later died from his injuries. The attack sparked a debate about relaxing the ban on deportations to Afghanistan.

AfD faction leader Alice Weidel blamed the government for the fatal knife attack. The police killer is a good example of the failure of the migration policies of this government and its CDU-led predecessors, Weidel said.

Coalition partners are skeptical
However, one of the SPD’s two coalition partners, the Greens, is skeptical about whether deportations are really possible. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock fears that deported Islamists can also plan terrorist attacks from there. The FDP, which is also in government, supported a stricter policy on deportations. “Anyone here who commits Islamist-motivated crimes, from incitement and hatred of Jews to serious acts of violence and murder, obviously does not need any protection from Islamic regimes,” said parliamentary faction leader Christian Dürr.

No deportations since the Taliban came to power
Since the radical Islamist Taliban came to power in Kabul in August 2021, Germany has not sent anyone back to Afghanistan. Due to the difficult security situation at the time, it had already been agreed that only men – and especially criminals and so-called terrorist threats – would be forcibly brought to Kabul.

The many people from Syria and Afghanistan who have come to Germany as asylum seekers over the past decade include some who have now committed serious crimes in the Federal Republic or who police believe are capable of carrying out a terrorist attack. Although the legal hurdles for deporting people who pose a potential threat are lower than for other people who need to leave the country, there are legal and practical difficulties

Source: Krone


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