Criticism of King Felipe VI’s attitude at Petro .’s inauguration


Criticism of King Felipe VI’s attitude at Petro .’s inauguration

During the act, the king was the only head of state who remained seated and did not applaud when they carried Simón Bolívar’s sword, sparking harsh criticism from several parties.

Euskaraz irakurri: Kritika ugari eragin ditu Felipe VI.ak izandako jarrerak Gustavo Petro karguaz jabetzeko ekitaldian

King Felipe VI’s attitude during the inauguration of Gustavo Petro as Colombia’s new president has sparked criticism from several parties, including Spain’s government partner Podemos, who believes it is “inexplicable and deserves explanation”.

At one point, Simón Bolívar’s sword was passed, the mythical battle weapon he used in the war of independence against Spain.

For example, Ione Belarra stated in a message on social networks that “our role was to show all respect and support for the democratic process followed. What happened is inexplicable and deserves an apology.”

More forceful was the ERC delegate to Congress Jordi Salvador: “He is an unpresentable worthy heir to many who are not presentable. A man who has renounced being a person to be a worthy successor to a coup monarchy, corrupt and pro -fascist.”

Josep Rull has also criticized Felipe VI’s attitude in Bogotá. “Pathful. And also revealing”, the politician has indicated.

Podemos’s deputy spokesperson in Congress and deputy for Galicia in general, Antón Gómez-Reino, has denounced the “Bourbon shame” of this act in a post on Twitter. “The shame that a man who is not democratically elected and also does not know how to respect the democracy of other countries makes us suffer,” he added.

The presence of Bolívar’s sword when he was sworn in as president was Gustavo Petro’s first order after taking office. The sword is a historical piece of great symbolic value to the Colombian president, as it was stolen by the M-19 guerrillas, to which Petro himself belonged, as the first act of insurrection. When the group reached a peace agreement with the government of Virgilio Barco, the sword was returned and transferred to the Quinta de Bolívar.

President Iván Duque showed it to Petro when they met after his victory in the presidential election and at that time Petro declared his intention to use the sword as a symbolic element during the possession.

Bolaños rejects the criticism

The Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and the Democratic Remembrance, Félix Bolaños, dismissed Tuesday’s criticisms, as “the details are without much importance and wholly unimportant” in light of the “new phase of relations” which starts with the Latin American country.

“I believe that the solidity and friendship between Spain and Colombia is absolute, and a good proof of this is the delegation that Spain sent to the inauguration of the new president, led by His Majesty the King, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs” , he told Bolaños in conversation with the media during his visit to the high-speed works between Almería and Murcia.

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