Police kill a man who tried to enter an Alabama school


He tried to take the gun from the center school security guard, whom he tried to reach by force

Police on Thursday killed a man as he allegedly tried to enter an elementary school after an altercation with a school security officer in Alabama, United States. This was reported at a press conference by Etowah County Sheriff Jonathan Horton, as reported by US network CNN, adding that no child was killed in the incident and the suspect was not armed.

Gadsden City School Superintendent Tony Reddick told the network that at least 34 students were inside Walnut Park Elementary School when the man tried to enter. “He was trying to open at least two doors to the school,” he explained. “This is Gadsden, a small community. You don’t think something like that will happen in a school in this city,” Reddik added.

The man tried to enter the school in a car. A security guard saw him and tried to stop him, according to a statement from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA), which is investigating the incident. The person tried to take the firearm from the officer and it was then that the officer called for backup and a police officer shot the suspect, who died on the spot, ALEA reports.

“The school security officer did exactly what had to be done. He went straight to the threat, confronted it and dealt with it. Unfortunately, it ended with the death of the suspect, but that’s the safest alternative. Keep that threat out of the school,” Reddik said.

The school security officer has been taken to a hospital to be treated for minor injuries sustained during the altercation, Horton said.

Source: La Verdad


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