No change in trend; animal welfare is not an issue when it comes to pork


Even in the third attempt since 2020, the quality of pork in Austrian supermarkets remains unchanged: more than 90 percent of the products available in stores still do not meet animal welfare or environmental criteria.

Twelve such criteria have been tested for the thirty most common quality marks and brands, such as GMO-free feeding or the possibility of phasing out.

It was also examined whether the relevant quality mark guarantees that pig tails are not cut off, that no castrations take place without anesthesia and whether completely slatted floors are prohibited.

90 percent comes from factory farming
The unchanged result is that pork from factory farming makes up more than 90 percent of the supply in supermarkets. This does not meet any animal welfare and environmental criteria, while conventional animal welfare projects of Austrian supermarkets usually meet eight to nine. Only organic brands reach ten and once in twelve, while the market share of organic pork is less than three percent.

The most important findings:

  • 30 quality marks and brands were checked: More than 90 percent of the pork on the market does not meet animal welfare or environmental criteria.
  • This means that nine out of ten pigs still live in the most unfavorable conditions. So they usually live on slatted floors that are cruel to animals, have no straw and no fresh air.
  • Consumers are often unaware of the conditions under which the animals were kept. There is a quality mark chaos.
  • The federal government is currently renegotiating livestock labeling to be announced in 2022.

Austrians love their schnitzel
Anyone who buys pork can follow the current purchasing guide and choose organic meat or meat from supermarkets’ animal welfare projects. This protects the environment and guarantees the pigs a better life. It is also recommended to consume meat in general. Austrians consume on average three times as much as the recommended maximum.

Source: Krone


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