Caught by a student – 23 year old woman filmed in the FH toilet


Harassment on campus: A man from Styria was caught filming women in the women’s toilet on the grounds of a technical university in Graz-Geidorf.

The 23-year-old was caught red-handed by a student last Saturday. While she was sitting on the toilet, she saw him secretly filming under the partitions with his mobile phone. The brave woman confronted the man from the South-East Styrian district and called the police.

‘Spanner’ was remorseful
During his interrogation, Styria seemed contrite and confessed. He stated that he locked himself in the women’s toilet for an hour and a half to film the women’s legs. He made the recordings for himself and was not allowed to pass them on under any circumstances. The phone has been seized and is now being forensically examined.

Source: Krone


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