One hundred years old – distressed windows: tenants fight Wiener Wohnen


Thury-Hof town hall is moving. However, property management apparently refuses to plug the leaks.

The windows in Mr Haieck’s apartment in the Thury-Hof on Alsergrund have been around for a century. For years he worked as a tenant representative, until the quarrels with Wiener Wohnen became repulsive to him. The residential building was renovated 18 years ago, but the windows have been forgotten. It pulls through all the holes because the wood is all rotten. Some tenants then had new windows installed, but at their own expense.

‘I can’t afford that,’ says the pensioner. He pays almost 100 euros more in rent than ten years ago and still has leaking windows. Again and again he sought dialogue with Wiener Wohnen, but in vain.

Wiener Wohnen denies the accusation. You would not have received notification from Mr Haieck that there was currently a defect in his windows.

Source: Krone


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