“Unresponsive” – Russian bomber violated Swedish airspace


“Unresponsive” – Russian bomber violated Swedish airspace

According to the Swedish Armed Forces, a Russian military aircraft briefly violated Swedish airspace on Friday. The bomber was said to have entered airspace east of the Baltic Sea island of Gotland.

The Swedish military said the Russian Su-24 fighter jet failed to respond to warnings. Two Swedish fighter jets then intercepted the plane. The Sukhoi Su-24 is a two-seat tactical bomber developed in the former Soviet Union.

Finnish airspace was also recently violated
Only on Friday did Finland announce that its border guards suspected that four Russian military aircraft had violated the northern European country’s airspace last Monday.

The Finnish Ministry of Defense initially assumed only one machine. But the more the investigation into the incident progresses, the more there are reasons to suspect that territorial violations have also been committed with three other aircraft, the border protection authority said.

It was probably two bombers and two fighter jets. According to the Ministry of Defense, a territorial violation by Russian aircraft was last observed in August 2022. Unlike then, Finland is now a member of NATO.

Source: Krone


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