Suspected fraud – pensioner hid income, reported


Suspected fraud – pensioner hid income, reported

In Feldkirch, a pensioner was tried for unlawfully receiving compensatory benefits for months. She now has to pay back 2,212 euros to the Pension Insurance Institution (PVA).

The 61-year-old woman from Unterländer was probably thinking about the short term when she completed the application for a compensatory benefit with the pension insurer. Although the pensioner worked part-time as an informal caregiver in Germany, she kept this quiet by answering ‘no’ to the question about extra income. The application was accepted and the pension insurer transferred approximately 320 euros to the woman over several months – a welcome bonus for the previously innocent woman in addition to her menial job as a caregiver in the Allgäu, where she earns 330 euros.

The PVA took the woman to court
After all, an anonymous report changes everything. The handwritten letter states, among other things, that the woman received social assistance benefits and was also permanently in Germany from July 2022 to January 2023. The result: the 61-year-old is summoned by the PVA. Finally, the PVA takes the woman to court on suspicion of fraud and now wants about 6,000 euros back.

During the trial at the Feldkirch Regional Court, the defendant denied the accusations: “For cost reasons, I live with my sister in the Unterland,” she says. She would work as a nursing assistant in the Allgäu twice a week, but always go home in the evening. She only occasionally visits her son in northern Germany. She says about concealing additional income: “I didn’t know I had to declare marginal work.” To which Judge Lisa Pfeifer continued: “You read through the application and it says that any additional income must be declared.” The retiree then apologizes if she made a mistake.

30 hours of community service
Because she is blameless and is willing to compensate the damage, the case is settled out of court. The retiree must now repay 2,212 euros to the pension insurer within six months. The court also ordered the 61-year-old to perform 30 hours of community service.

Source: Krone


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