father vs. Tirol Klinik – Drug death at age 13: “Melina” case in court


On August 12, 2020, Melina (not her real name) died of a drug overdose. The father of the 13-year-old is suing the Tyrolean Kliniken. The first hearing took place in Innsbruck on Friday.

Melina’s drug death shocked Tyrol. The 13-year-old from Innsbruck had a hard time right from the start. Beaten by his mother as a small child, he was already at the child psychiatric clinic in Hall at the age of seven. “She didn’t have a good start in life,” her aunt testified in court, stressing that “we all loved her.” In the spring of 2020, Melina first resorted to drugs, initially only smoking cannabis, but soon injecting herself with drugs. “She has found a way to kill her inner pain,” says the aunt.

According to the father, the drama started or flared up again when Melina had more contact with her mother in 2020. After the 13-year-old’s death, diaries were also read about girlfriends who used drugs. Soon Aunt saw needle sticks in her niece’s arm: “That was – boom!”, she says, shocked.

Five hospital stays in five months
In April, May, July and twice in August, Melina was then in the clinic and in the psychiatric ward. The family begged for hospitalization, the father even offered to hand over custody so that his daughter could finally get real help from someone. After one night, however, Melina was usually “free” again. The sticking point: No one was allowed to hold her against her will. And she declined any offer of therapy or treatment.

On August 12 – a week after her last release – Melina was found lifeless in an apartment in Telfs (Innsbruck-Land district). Only the death of the 13-year-old from Innsbruck could be determined. The father of one of Melina’s friends was examined – he lived in the apartment where the girl was found. However, the procedure was stopped.

Father sued the Tyrolean Kliniken
Melina’s father is suing the Tyrolean Kliniken. In addition to 20,000 euros in mourning money, he especially demands the insight that Melina should have been given forced housing – an amendment to Austrian law. Because according to these rules, a drug-addicted minor may only be admitted if she agrees or if she is dangerous to others or to herself.

According to the family, she was undoubtedly the last to suffer cuts, multiple overdoses and ultimately a fatal dose. After the girl’s death, the aunt also found drawings in the nursery, which clearly show that she was endangering herself.

In the second part on Sunday you will read: The statements of the doctors, psychologists and caretakers of Melina.

Source: Krone


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