Ginzling Mountain Rescue – Hours of work for goats in mountain distress


Ginzling Mountain Rescue – Hours of work for goats in mountain distress

Four animal ‘bleakers’ got stuck in the steepest terrain above the Schlegeis reservoir in Tyrol and proved to be stubborn, as befits their species. The Seefeld fire brigade also had an animal mission: a cat could no longer get out of a tree on its own.

It was four South Tyrolean goats that recently kept four men from the Ginzling mountain rescue team on their toes for five hours – on difficult, vulnerable terrain in the Schlegeisgrund.

300 meters above the Schlegeissee
“A farmer from the Pfitscher Valley called that four of his animals were stuck,” said Ulli Huber, head of Ginzling’s mountain rescue service, describing the beginning of an unusual operation. The animals stood 300 meters above Lake Schlegeisse on a narrow strip of grass in steep terrain, crossed by gorges.

Emergency services rappelled to the goats from above, but the four-legged friends showed little interest in being rescued. “They hid in a cave,” Huber says. A moment later, the unexpected suddenly happened. Two of the animals acrobatically jumped out of the cave and jumped down the side into the valley – they arrived unscathed!

Goats came to the valley on their own
However, because the other two goats would not come out of the hole, the mountain rescuers had to halt their operation. In the evening the farmer reported that these goats had also come to the valley independently and safely.

Young cat with fear of heights
The Seefeld fire brigade also had a mission for a four-legged friend: a young cat did not dare to step out of a tree from 15 (!) meters away. With the help of a telescope climber, the Florianis brought the velvet leg safely to the ground.

Source: Krone


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