Crashed in April – Moulin Rouge inaugurated new wind turbine blades


Crashed in April – Moulin Rouge inaugurated new wind turbine blades

The legendary Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge has new windmill blades, which of course had to be celebrated by the Parisians and the establishment’s dancers.

Several hundred residents and other spectators gathered in front of the tourist attraction in the French capital on Friday to inaugurate the four windmill blades, including a performance of the famous cancan dance.

Jean Victor Clerico, general manager of Moulin Rouge, said the mill “without wings is a void for Paris, it was just sad.”

Ready for the Olympic Games
The goal was to be ready before the start of the Olympic Games on July 26. The Olympic torch is expected to pass the building on July 15.

On the night of April 25, the blades of the red windmill crashed onto the roof of the Moulin Rouge. The first three letters on the facade also fell down and there were no injuries.

Tourist magnet
The Moulin Rouge opened in 1889. The revue theatre at the foot of Montmartre is still a tourist attraction and is famous for its cancan dancers. There are two performances every night at the Moulin Rouge; the cabaret attracts around 600,000 spectators each year. On 6 October, the Moulin Rouge celebrates its 135th anniversary.

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