Electrical interconnection between Gatika and Bordeaux to be delayed by 2 years, until 2027


The delay is due to the original project design having to be changed due to an instability discovered on the seabed at Capbreton, requiring the original solution to be redefined at this point.

The electrical interconnection between Spain and France that goes from Gatika to Bordeaux two years late As for the initial deadlines, as confirmed on Monday by the heads of Red Eléctrica de España, who explained the state of the project in Bilbao. It will be installed between 2025 and part of 2027 with the expectation that it will be put into service within the last year.

It’s about the first submarine electrical interconnection between the two countries and will increase the interconnection capacity with France from the current 2,800 MW to 5,000 MW (approximately 3 to 5%).

With a length of 400 kilometers between the substations of Gatika and Cubnezais (near Bordeaux), involves an investment of 1,950 million eurosof which 30% comes from European funding, while 43% is provided by the Spanish part and 27% by the French part.

The project The final stage of the administrative procedure has beguna, which will start a second public information period in Bizkaia (this month), after the first in 2021. Currently, the environmental assessment by the Ministry of Ecological Transition is awaited.

the project manager, Juan Prietohas determined that by 2023 the necessary procedures will be completed and the main contracts will be managed with a forecast that in 2024 the works on the land section and the production of the cables will start – the interconnection will require 1,600 kilometers of high voltage cable – and its installation will start in 2025.

The delay of the project is due to the fact that it had to change the original design of the project due to an instability discovered on the seabed at Capbreton, requiring the original solution to be redefined at this point.

Prieto, together with Red Eléctrica’s Director of Investment Projects, Ramon Granadinoand the representative of the association in Euskadi, Anthony Gonzalezhave stated that the interconnection will promote the integration of renewable energy, increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the two electrical systems and enhance security of supply.

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Source: EITB


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