Death tragedy in Upper Austria – 1600 euro fine for grandfather who ran over his grandson


Death tragedy in Upper Austria – 1600 euro fine for grandfather who ran over his grandson

Little Roland (2) ended up under the wheels of a farm tractor that his own grandfather was driving on his parents’ farm in Upper Austria. The 66-year-old was investigated for manslaughter due to negligence. The broken man was eventually offered a diversion, which he accepted. The criminal proceedings have therefore been discontinued.

It was a fatal tragedy of horrific proportions. The 66-year-old grandfather was working with a wheel loader in the stable on Roland’s parents’ farm in Kirchberg ob der Donau on May 11. He must have missed the fact that his two-year-old grandson came running in from outside.

The boy wanted to keep his grandfather company and happily ran after the agricultural vehicle. And that is exactly where the fatal error happened: the 66-year-old put the car in reverse and apparently forgot to look in the rear-view mirror.

Under the wheels
The consequences were dramatic. The two-year-old was knocked down and run over by the heavy Hoftrac, with Roland suffering fatal injuries.

His family’s world collapsed and the mourners had to receive psychological care. The pain of loss was and is enormous for everyone. The grandfather in particular blames himself for having overlooked his grandson.

Fine instead of conviction
As reported, the Public Prosecution Service has filed charges against the man on suspicion of murder by negligence. However, a diversionary (extrajudicial) measure could not be ruled out. This has now been implemented in the form of a fine.

“The defendant accepted the offer to pay 1,600 euros. The money has already been transferred and the proceedings have been legally stopped,” says Walter Eichinger, spokesman for the regional court of Linz.

A criminal record spared
This means that the 66-year-old will be spared a criminal record. The conditions for execution as a diversionary tactic: “The man has taken responsibility for the investigation. In addition, his former integrity, his age – and the fact that he himself was severely affected by the death of his grandson.”

Source: Krone


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