“Increasingly aggressive” – CNN: US fears Russian attacks in Europe


US military bases in Europe were put on high alert last week amid concerns that Russian-backed sabotage was being carried out.

The United States reportedly had intelligence information suggesting possible attacks on U.S. bases and personnel by Russian proxies, CNN reported, citing several people familiar with the situation. These were “considered sufficiently alarming” to “implement additional security protocols,” the report said.

In late June, the Pentagon said it had increased security at U.S. military bases in Germany and other European countries. According to CNN, the second-highest security level, called Force Protection Condition Charlie, was declared — meaning an imminent terrorist threat is expected. Shortly after the announcement, the New York Times reported, citing U.S. defense officials, that the move was related to “vague threats” from Moscow.

Support for Ukraine must be undermined
Now, CNN reported, citing a senior NATO official, that the military alliance had “significantly increased” its information sharing on “Russia’s campaign of covert sabotage activities” in Europe. According to the official, these activities have become “increasingly brazen and aggressive” in recent months. The elections currently taking place in several Western countries offer Russia “a golden opportunity” to try to undermine public support for Ukraine, which is under attack.

According to CNN, the responsible US military central command (EUCOM), based in Stuttgart, did not want to comment on the specific background of the upgrade. However, a spokesperson explained that this was “not due to a single threat, but rather a combination of factors that could affect the security of US forces in the European theater of war.”

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