Climate neutrality as a goal – Denmark wants a tax on livestock farmers


Climate neutrality as a goal – Denmark wants a tax on livestock farmers

Denmark is taking unusual steps to combat climate change: the country wants to impose taxes on methane in agriculture – that is, on the belching and farting of livestock.

Not only carbon dioxide, but also methane contributes to the greenhouse effect. It is even 25 times more harmful than CO2, as the German Federal Environment Agency warns. It is created when organic matter is broken down in the absence of air, such as in the digestive tract of cattle and pigs.

Denmark aims to be climate neutral by 2045
Denmark would like to take this into account with a tax on greenhouse gases emitted by farm animals. With this step, the Scandinavian country wants to be climate neutral by 2045.

This initiative is supported by Greenpeace: The environmental protection organization speaks of an “important step”. The Association for Sustainable Agriculture is of course against this measure.

In concrete terms, methane emissions from cattle and pigs should be taxed at 300 crowns (around 40 euros) per tonne of CO2 equivalent. In five years, this contribution should be increased to 750 euros. The proposal was drawn up by the government with parts of the opposition. After the summer recess, the agreement will be discussed by Parliament.

Source: Krone


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