34 degrees and rain! – Chaos after a new storm, but the heat remains


34 degrees and rain! – Chaos after a new storm, but the heat remains

Heavy rain, storms and hail caused devastation in Austria on Wednesday. Streets were flooded and basements were under water. Upper Austria recorded more than 320 operations within a few hours, and there were two mudslides in Tyrol. Despite the sunny Thursday, individual shower cubicles are possible again in the morning. It remains warm!

In the Tyrolean district of Landeck, mudflows occurred on the B197 (Arlbergstrasse) near the Marienwasengalerie and on the L11 (Piller Landesstrasse) near the Schlachthofkurve due to heavy rain on Wednesday, as announced by the police.

Roadblocks and night operations
The emergency services had to close the B197 completely to traffic from 22:30 to 00:46 and close it on one side until 02:00. The L11 had to be closed on both sides around 23:00 for the cleaning work that lasted about an hour and a half.

Over 320 missions in just a few hours
The Upper Austrian State Fire Service recorded more than 320 missions from 220 fire brigades with around 3,300 emergency services within a few hours. The districts of Braunau, Ried and Rohrbach were hit hardest. In the Ried district, several cars were hit by fallen trees.

Train traffic was temporarily halted. In Aurolzmünster, for example, a tree that had fallen on the track had to be removed. In Niederwaldkirchen (district of Rohrbach), a tree fell on a house. In Micheldorf (district of Kirchdorf), eyewitnesses reported hailstones measuring two to three centimetres.

1.4 million euros in damage after hail
The Austrian Hail Insurance Company reported on Thursday that 3,000 hectares of agricultural land in the Inn and Hausruckviertel were massively destroyed. “According to the initial assessments by the experts of the Austrian Hail Insurance Company, we assume a damage to agriculture in Upper Austria of 1.4 million euros,” said responsible regional director Wolfgang Winkler. Affected crops include grain, corn, soybeans, sugar beets, rapeseed and grassland.

Another thunderstorm on Thursday
What the weather looks like on Thursday: Residual clouds in the north will largely disappear and then the sun will come out for the most part. In the north, individual showers are already possible this morning. In many places, however, it will be warm and humid again during the day. In the afternoon, the chance of thunderstorms will increase considerably, starting from the mountains. Towards the evening, the thunderstorms can spread even further. However, it will remain warm, with temperatures of up to 34 degrees!

Friday the weather is similar: In the morning it will still be sunny and dry, in the west the tendency for rain and thunderstorms will increase considerably with many cumulus clouds. From noon the rain and thunderstorms will slowly spread eastwards along the northern side of the Alps and reach the eastern lowlands in the evening hours. From East Tyrol in an easterly direction to the south of Burgenland it will remain mostly dry and sunny. It will even get a degree warmer: 35 degrees can be expected for the weekend.

Sun and thunderstorms also during the weekend
The risk of severe weather does not decrease even in the weekend. In the west and in places in the north it is cloudier from the start, with clouds often dominating. There are also a few rain showers and locally there may even be thunderstorms. Further to the east and southeast, however, the sun often still shines. On Saturday afternoon there may also be thunderstorms in Styria and Carinthia. Even in the weekend the temperatures are around 30 degrees.

Source: Krone


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