Wrong officials – 300,000 euros loot for “police cheaters”


Once again, members of the “Polizeitrick” gang are on trial. This time they stole 300,000 euros in gold ducats, coins and cash.

The international gang operating out of Turkey may slowly run out of its members. Because in Wr. Other members of Neustadt (Lower Austria) who worked with the “police trick” were on trial. They tricked potential victims – namely older people – into thinking that there were more burglaries in their neighborhood and that they should hand over “their treasures” to police officers who would come to collect gold, money and jewelry.

Again, a warning at this point: the real police never offer this service!

300,000 euros stolen
However, this still worked from July to August 2021, especially in the Perchtoldsdorf region (Lower Austria). The loot: 60 gold ducats, cash, gold coins like the Philharmonic with a total value of almost 300,000 euros!

The goods are long gone, these fake police officers will do no harm for the next three years – they are in prison for serious fraud and as members of a criminal organization.

Source: Krone


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