Similar case in May – Lower Austria: Alkolenker rams Bub (8) and flees


Another terrible drive-through accident: After a driver left her victim to die, a boy (8) was rammed into. The Raser had two per thousand.

With his father by his side, the eight-year-old boy pushed his bicycle in Krumbach in the Bucklige Welt (Lower Austria). The fact that father and son stood by the roadside according to the regulations did not help them. Suddenly, on a left turn, a driver who had completely lost control of his vehicle rushed toward them. With devastating consequences: the force of the impact threw the primary school student 20 meters (!) through the air and ended up in a meadow three meters from the road. The little boy’s father saved himself by instinctively jumping to the side.

Boy seriously injured
The also reprehensible: the driver stepped on the gas and ran away. Meanwhile, the ambulance helicopter has already landed to take the victim of the accident on board. At the moment the doctors in the SMZ Ost are fighting for their seriously injured patient.

Driver under investigation
A short time later, the police search was successful. The local was found after his unscrupulous hit and run at his home address two kilometers away. A breath analysis showed more than two per thousand!

Similar incidents at the end of May
The 40-year-old was immediately withdrawn by officials. This terrible accident at the end of May brings back sad memories of that hit-and-run in Vorau, Styria, when a young driver caught a 16-year-old apprentice and simply left him in a ditch. Lorenz H passed away. Just a few hours later, as reported, a 17-year-old moped driver was rammed into and left to his own devices, also in St. Peter am Ottersbach, in Styria.

Source: Krone


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