Trial in Graz – 14-year-old sexually assaulted while intoxicated


Two boys (16) drank vodka with a 14-year-old in Graz and smoked cannabis. When the girl was drunk, the two allegedly abused her sexually. The Afghans had to answer to court for this on Monday. One was sentenced to six months in prison, one was acquitted (not definitively).

A damp and happy morning in the parents’ apartment in Graz ended in the martyrdom of a – today – 15-year-old: the student had pretended to her parents that she was sick to stay home from school. Out of boredom, she invited two boys to whom she was attracted. The two 16-year-old teens brought along two friends – as well as a bottle of vodka and cannabis. Before long, the girl was dead drunk, could barely stand up and was sometimes even unconscious.

Situation shamelessly exploited
For what happened next, the two Afghans had to answer for the sexual abuse of a defenseless person yesterday at the Graz Criminal Court. According to the charges, one of the two boys entered the girl’s bedroom to have sex with her, although she is said to have said she was way too drunk and “would rather have tomorrow”. According to the public prosecutor, the 16-year-old would have shamelessly exploited the situation and violated her.

Sex filmed and sent on Snapchat
When the two boys left the apartment again, the first accused returned under the pretense of taking the vodka bottle, also attacked the student who had left, filmed the crime and sent the video to Snapchat. He was also accused of forcing another girl to send him nude photos of her. No final sentence: 18 months imprisonment (six unconditional) for the first suspect, acquittal for lack of evidence for the other.

Source: Krone


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