Ana Peleteiro Assures She Was Sexually Abused By A Former Partner


“I had already had a manipulative relationship, very bad and toxic, but until you realize that the person you lived with did that to you, it is ‘tough’,” confesses the Galician athlete

Spanish athlete Ana Peleteiro, bronze medalist triple jump at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, confessed on Sunday that she had been sexually assaulted by a former partner, although she did not give more details about one of the most difficult episodes of her life, which hit him. “quite a bit” during his sports career. “I’ve been in a manipulative relationship, very bad and toxic, but until you realize that the person you lived with did that to you, it’s ‘heavy’. It has touched me greatly, although I had suffered from it before. In my life it was a shock of reality going crazy’, says the Galician jumper in the program ‘The nails’ of Atresplayer.

Following an earlier program, which mostly dealt with personal matters, Ana Peleteiro revealed that she had been a victim of abuse in the past. «I was training in Portugal, watching that interview and suddenly I started crying. I’ve been through what this girl reacts to and I didn’t know it was sexual abuse. I was in total shock and had a hard time digesting it. I even talked to my parents about it and told them what I had suffered, what had happened. In that conversation with my father, I didn’t see his face, but I could feel him like, ‘Oysters, I’m his father and I couldn’t mediate what happened,'” explains Peleteiro, 26.

The Ribeira athlete announced two weeks ago that she is three and a half months pregnant, the result of her relationship with the French athlete Benjamin Compaoré, whom she says she fell in love with “many years ago” and with whom she reacquainted five years ago. . years ago. On December 6, Ana Peleteiro publicly defended her current partner after several media outlets issued an alleged conviction for assaulting the French jumper. “Currently, Benjamin has no pending case or legal proceeding. The complaint referred to in the article was withdrawn exactly a few weeks after it was filed,” he subsequently arranged in a statement published on his social networks.

Ana Peleteiro also referred to her adoption process, “with two days of life”. “I thought my mother had died in childbirth, so my parents adopted me. In 2016 I asked my mother: ‘What caused my mother to die during childbirth?’ And she answered me: ‘But what do you say? Your mother is not dead. i desertion. She gave birth alone at home and took you to minors in La Coruña. The only information he gave was that he didn’t want anyone in his family to adopt you and that you had a sister,” the Galician athlete revealed. “Suddenly finding out that your mom has abandoned you is more ‘tough’ with the 20 years I was then. I took it very much. It was like… ‘I ended up being adopted because she abandoned me have left,” she added. Until now, Ana Peleteiro had only revealed that she had not met her biological parents.

Source: La Verdad


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