Online Scam – “Penalty” For Love Chatting With Fake Musician


The 54-year-old from Wartberg (Upper Austria) fell in love with a “world-class musician” who took 56,000 euros out of her pocket. When he wanted a quarter of a million, the victim sought help from the ex-husband.

Love gone, money gone! But the scam a 54-year-old fell for in Wartberg an der Krems is new. She was so happy when she received an invitation on Twitter from the world-famous American guitarist Joe Bonamassa in early February and they became friends. Suddenly the musician’s account was blocked, luckily he sent his beloved – in the meantime they had almost fallen in love – an email and they met again on the news service “Hangout”.

And then it suddenly got serious: Joe finally wanted to go to Upper Austria to meet his girlfriend.

But his management asked for money. 56,000 euros flowed in, the Kremstal woman in love even took out a loan and transferred the money to two American accounts. And signed a “non-disclosure agreement”, after all, the alleged world-class musician wanted to come to her in secret. If anything becomes known, a fine of 500,000 euros will follow.

It came as expected
And then – as you might expect – the hammer: The “couple” was accused of violating the non-disclosure agreement. “Joe” wrote her that he had already paid half of the fine, now she has to transfer 250,000 euros. In her panic, the 54-year-old wanted to do the same. But the bank refused another loan.

So the woman from Wartberg sought advice and help from her husband, from whom she lives separately. He immediately saw what was going on and brought the fraud victim to the police. Since then, nothing has been heard of “Joe Bonamassa” (the fake one) and the money.

Source: Krone


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