Used Seat Leon: which version should I choose?


The Seat León is one of the most successful models of the Spanish brand and a highly recommended car for its versatility and price/product ratio. We show you which are the most recommended

The Seat León was presented in 1999 and from then until today there have been 4 generations, all highly recommended, although the last two will be the ones we will focus on most because of their younger age, which makes them more attractive from a from the point of view of active and passive safety and also for the guarantee against possible malfunctions.

The third generation Seat León (between 2012 and 2020) is available with 3 body styles: 3-door, 5-door and estate. The 3 (SC) door versions were in low demand, so they only remained in the catalog for a short time. Its sportier style does not compensate for its less versatility and the inconvenience of access to the rear seats.

Choosing between the 5-door and the family depends on our needs. The space that the ST versions gain compared to the 5-door is in the trunk, which goes from normal dimensions around 380 liters to a respectable 580 liters.

As for the finishes, the most recommended versions are the Style for their price/equipment ratio and more comfortable suspension than the FR, which are more recommended for people with a sport profile.

The Xperience versions with increased ground clearance and four-wheel drive are only recommended if we want to take advantage of them by driving often on snowy roads or circuits, as their consumption and maintenance costs are higher.

Due to the cost of maintenance and consumption, the most recommended mechanics are the 1.6 TDi 115 CV with Start & Stop if it will be used mainly outside the cities or the 1.4 TSi (both the 125 CV and 150 CV versions) for those who make shorter trips.

The most recent generation of Seat León was presented in 2020 with 5-door and family bodies. Again, the choice between the two depends on our space needs, with a trunk reaching 620 liters in the case of the Seat Leon ST.

As for the mechanics, except for the 1.5 TSi with DSG transmission (which is quite criticized by its users for vibrations and poor response in cold and frequent breakdowns and breakdowns), the others are perfectly recommended depending on our priorities and needs. The most economical in consumption and maintenance are the 3-cylinder petrol 1.0 TSi with 110 hp and the 2.0 TDi with 115 hp. The plug-in hybrid versions are only recommended for those who make intensive use of the car in the city and have a charging point to use the car in electric mode as much as possible.

In terms of trim levels, the Style is again the most recommended for its price / equipment ratio.

Source: La Verdad


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