The crisis at Honda, the worst is not the results


Being a very distressing situation, the worst in the crisis Honda in MotoGP it is not the historical deficit of results in which they are trapped. Not to him German GP last weekend nothing new was discovered, but it was revealed to what extent the current motorbike HRC it became a “driver grinding machine”; and we are talking about both the physical and psychological aspects.

Statements after the race Stefan Bradlstandard test pilot and is now a replacement for Marc Marquez on the official team slinghas brought to light a situation that commented on the rumor of world voice of sotto.

“What is happening to Honda is unacceptable”the German rider was released after it ended on Sunday that his leg and arm were burnt due to the heat his motorcycle gave off in the race. bradlHe also explained, who was the last to enter the finish line, that he was forced to release the riders riding in front of him to seek fresh air to relieve the scorching hot air coming from under the fairing of his bike.

The picture of Bradl’s raw right foot has now spread through social networks -origin bt sport– They put an image in their words, and proved that by Pol Espargaro on his right foot in a basin of cold water last Sunday after racing for the same reason. And like a domino effect, other similar episodes suddenly light up. Like the hero Takaaki Nakagami sa Malaysiawhen, for the same reason that bradl raw his foot, he begs, howling in pain, for the men on his team to remove his right boot.

yun CVR ng sling It’s always been a difficult bike to ride, it’s always been part of his DNA. How many times have you not heard Marc Marquez This is a very demanding bike that needs to be “submitted” and this is the only way it becomes competitive? And for seven years, from 2013 to 2019, only mark it has been done. Assuming the dangers his bike demands propelled him to efficiently win six titles, but so many consecutive crashes … 120 in seven seasons!

What is worrying now is far from improving, this situation was exacerbated with the introduction of the 2022 Honda. A conceptually revolutionary motorcycle compared to the previous one, and which on paper should be more “friendly”. But at this point it became clear not only that the change had been a failure, but that the new bike had become the machine for “cutting” the riders we mentioned earlier … The numbers speak for themselves.

Of the 10 GGPPs held so far, Alex Márquez has crashed 12 times; Pol Espargaro 10; Marc Márquez much before stopping to undergo surgery; Nakagami 6; and Stefan Bradl 5 of the four GGPPs he has fought. That is, the total number of crashed Honda riders so far is 43… We recall that 10 GGPPs were held.

No wonder Honda riders have low morale and spirit. There are some like Bradl, who raise his voice too much; others like Alex Márquez are mad to be kicked out of Honda; Y the image of a defeated Pol Espargaró at the Sachsenring is extremely impressive. Because if there’s one tough and brave, it’s Pol. Also, the guy from Granollers, who, knowing he was on the outside of the Repsol Honda Team, kept coming out on the track giving his all.

This in Germany resulted in two falls, which resulted in a very strong trauma to one side, which was reason enough to throw in the towel. But Espargaro He came out, clung as hard as he could … And his left foot went into a bucket of cold water and his right hand under a bag of ice!

How did this happen ?!

As I said at the beginning, the results are less concerned with the current crisis at Honda. The physical integrity of its pilots is at the forefront, and because of what happened in Germany, someone must act on the matter. And if those steps don’t come from the team box, someone in Japan should intervene.

Source: La Verdad


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