On behalf of the UN – Ben Stiller at Selenskyj: “You are my hero”


American film star Ben Stiller said he was impressed by the Ukrainian president after his visit to Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “He’s doing an incredible job in a very difficult situation,” the 56-year-old said in an interview with dpa. As a special ambassador for the UN refugee agency UNHCR, Stiller greeted the president at the reception on Monday with the words “You are my hero.”

When Selenskyj became president in 2019, Stiller already knew him from the Ukrainian television series “Servants of the People”, in which Zelenskyj takes on the role of a teacher who suddenly becomes president of Ukraine. “It’s kind of interesting that he did a show where he plays someone who becomes president — and then becomes president in real life,” Stiller said.

“It’s Her Only Home”
The actor (“Night at the Museum”) visited many victims of the war in Poland and Ukraine this week, most recently in the heavily damaged suburb of Kiev, Irpin, which was badly damaged by Russian troops. “The situation is hard to understand until you see it with your own eyes,” Stiller said. He also visited a couple whose house was destroyed by a rocket. “They still live there, it’s their only house, they built the house themselves. When I hear their stories, I naturally think of my own family too – it’s impossible not to be in their shoes.”

Despite his humanitarian efforts, Stiller cannot imagine taking a position comparable to Zelensky’s. “No, not with this huge responsibility. I enjoy what I do – directing and acting, telling stories. I am very impressed with how he takes this responsibility. These are really tough jobs. No, I do not desire such a task.”

Source: Krone


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