War between Israel and Lebanon? – Hezbollah chief emphasizes readiness to fight


War between Israel and Lebanon?  – Hezbollah chief emphasizes readiness to fight

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has once again emphasized his militia’s willingness to fight. If the Israeli army forces a war against Lebanon, it will ‘strike back resistance without borders’. “Israel must take us into account, on land, at sea and in the air.”

Hezbollah is ready to fight without restrictions or rules. However, according to his own statement, Nasrallah is not seeking a full-scale war with Israel; “the Lebanese front” is already well represented at the negotiating table. The situation between Lebanon and Israel had recently deteriorated significantly. The Israeli army on Tuesday approved plans for an offensive in the neighboring country, fueling fears of an escalation. The military said senior commanders had approved “operational plans.”

Aerial photographs published
“We obviously have infinitely greater capabilities, of which I think the enemy only has a few,” said Israeli Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi. The army is already preparing for the capabilities of the Lebanese Shiite militia.

Hezbollah released aerial photos on Tuesday showing the port of Haifa and other key strategic locations in the area (see video above). The images were probably taken by a drone. The Israeli army knew that Hezbollah was capable of this, it was said.

Warning for Cyprus
The Hezbollah chief has now also warned Cyprus against a confrontation with the Israeli army. If the government were to make its airports and military bases available to the army, the island nation would become “part of the war.” In the past, special forces had traveled to Cyprus to train for the fight against Hezbollah.

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