Annoyance in the workshop – charged 84 euros for a few seconds of work


Annoyance in the workshop – charged 84 euros for a few seconds of work

You might think that if you drive a BMW, your money is easy. That is of course not the case and this story by Andreas Huemer from Upper Austria shows that. The 60-year-old from Pinsdorf is an emergency responder and is therefore used to a lot, but what he experienced in a car repair shop left him gasping for breath.

It all started when the electronic lock of his four-year-old BMW 318 broke down and could no longer be opened. So Huemer drove to his trusted auto repair shop. “I was then offered to make a goodwill request to BMW, after I was no longer under warranty,” says Huemer. Said and done. An employee contacted the car manufacturer in Munich and after a lengthy telephone conversation it was agreed that BMW would cover 80 percent of the costs.

The bill came a few days later
“But I have to pay for the working time of about 90 minutes. Then I said I wanted to think about it,” Huemer said. Ultimately he decided to force the mechanics to open the fuel cap and not wait for BMW. “It took five seconds and then it was done,” said the BMW driver. That was the end of it for him, he got in the car and drove home. But a few days later there was a surprise in the form of a bill for 84 euros.

Vehicle diagnostics were billed
“They hung the diagnostic device on my car. However, I was never told that it would cost anything and I never signed an order,” says the Pinsdorf resident angrily. A complaint didn’t help either, so Huemer turned to the “Krone”. A corresponding request from the workshop went unanswered, but the boss contacted Huemer. “I now only have to pay half,” he says. The anger remains. “I have been a customer there for decades. If it had been necessary, I would of course have taken the risk of filing a lawsuit.”

Source: Krone


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