Demands end of war – German Chancellor of Putin: “Let it be”


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) stressed on Thursday that a peace with Ukraine dictated by Russia will not end Western sanctions. Instead, Russian President Vladimir Putin should stop the war immediately. “Let it be,” Scholz said.

According to Scholz, it was a “terrible war” in which innocent people were killed and enormous destruction was caused. And it is a war that also makes no sense from Russia’s point of view, because it destroys the future of the country.

However, with the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO, Scholz does not expect new tensions in the alliance with Russia. Putin said the upcoming expansion was “uninhibited”, the German chancellor said.

“Russia acts imperialistically”
In this respect, according to the current state of affairs, no escalation is foreseen. That Putin calls the NATO imperialist is “ridiculous,” Scholz added. NATO is a purely defensive alliance. Instead, it is Russia itself that acts imperialistically.

Putin warns of ‘major systemic risks’
For his part, the Russian president criticized Western sanctions following the war in Ukraine, calling them “unparalleled illegal sanctions”. Putin continued: “The dominance of a country or group of countries on the world stage is not only counterproductive, but also dangerous and inevitably leads to major systemic risks.”

In response to the war of aggression against Ukraine since late February, the US and the EU, among others, have imposed extensive sanctions on Russia.

Source: Krone


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