Offenders in custody – fight over cigarette: Frenchman shoots man in the head


A fight over a cigarette in France has escalated to the point where a man shot another man in the head, seriously injuring him. In a town near Toulouse, the man started fighting with a group of young people on Wednesday evening because they would not give him a cigarette, the prosecutor said on Thursday. The man then went home and returned with a gun.

He then aimed at a man in the group and shot him in the head. The alleged perpetrator, who according to media reports was an ex-soldier, then moved into his home.

50 special troops were deployed
Police arrived with about 50 special forces, some of whom arrived by helicopter, and tried to persuade the man to give up. This was finally done on Thursday morning. The man has been arrested for attempted murder. Victim is still fighting for his life with serious facial injuries

Source: Krone


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