Hit by bullets – Ukrainian photographer found dead near Kiev


A Ukrainian photographer has been found dead in northern Kiev. Maks Levin had been missing for nearly three weeks and his body was discovered Friday near the village of Guta Meshygirska, Ukraine’s presidential government said on Telegram on Saturday. He was allegedly shot by Russian soldiers. The body was discovered after Russian troops withdrew several dozen kilometers north of the capital Kiev.

According to preliminary information, Levin was shot dead by Russian soldiers, the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office said. The photographer was unarmed and was hit by two small arms bullets. The authority said it is investigating an alleged war crime and the exact circumstances of Levin’s death.

Levin, 40, has worked for Ukrainian and international media. He leaves behind four children. Levin was considered a very experienced photographer. During clashes between Ukrainian troops and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine in 2014, he escaped from a surrounded city where hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

Six journalists killed since invasion began
According to Reporters Without Borders, Levin is the sixth journalist killed in Ukraine since the Russian invasion began on February 24. Not only was he unarmed, but he was also wearing a jacket that identified him as a member of the press. Shooting journalists is a “war crime,” Reporters Without Borders said on Twitter.

Source: Krone


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