Misrepresentations – court puts the identitarian boss in his place


The regional court in Linz has issued an injunction against identitarian leader Martin Sellner, who had spread allegations against Upper Austrian governor Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP) in a report in connection with a rape case. Sellner had written on Telegram that the governor had “let in” a Syrian who allegedly raped a 15-year-old and therefore “co-raped”.

According to Sellner, Stelzer would also organize a population exchange. The provincial governor took legal action to defend himself against these statements and was right on all counts: Sellner was barred by injunction from making such untrue and reputation-damaging statements.

You can read more details and reactions to the cause here:

“Will stay vigilant”
It is said from the governor’s office that in principle one does not want to offer such people a platform through a legal dispute, but in this case a line has been massively crossed: “We stand for an open exchange of opinions and arguments. However, this freedom must never become a protective shield against the spread of conspiracies, threats and slander.”

They will “remain vigilant and resolutely oppose extremism”. In this way, peaceful coexistence and “good coexistence in Upper Austria must be preserved”.

Source: Krone


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