“Mr. Happy Face” is the ugliest dog in the world


No hair, just a white tuft on the head and a hanging tongue: 17-year-old Chinese Crested mix “Mr. Happy Face” has been voted the ugliest dog in the world. The fun game in the American state of California took place for the first time on Friday after a Corona break of two years.

The jury of the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” in the small town of Petaluma appreciated everything considered ugly: bulging eyes, crooked teeth, bowllegs, hunched backs. The organizers want to use the competition to promote the taking of abandoned animals. You want to remind “that all dogs are sweet”.

Arizona owner Jeneda Benally sat down with “Mr. Happy Face” against seven contestants and won $1,500 (about $1,400) in prize money. The competition attracts a lot of attention in the United States every year and the winning dogs and their owners often appear on national television shows afterwards.

Source: Krone


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