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The Grammy ceremony needed a miracle and it will not happen this year. The so-called “Most Important Night of Music” is a lie, and its 64th edition does not fit into the best context. Just a week has passed since the Oscars, which have previously attracted the spotlight and continue to do so today, from the shadow of Will Smith hitting the Grammys, which is being held this week. But awarding the U.S. Academy of Recording Arts needs more than just a living slap to revive the passions of the previous year.

Fighting irrelevance is harder than fighting shame, but Grammy Awards have been both in recent years. The disturbing data of the audience, the call for a boycott by several artists and the misrepresentation of their committees are the battlefields of this publication. For the second year in a row, they have relied on comedian Trevor Noah for their charismatic profile, although it is predictable and generates consensus, but it is not necessarily good for Grammy. They have refused to generate risks and expectations and therefore find it difficult to cross the 2021 audience edge.

This year BTS, Billy Elish, Olivia Rodrigo, Lille Nas X or John Batiste collect the most nominations, though Spaniards C. Tangana and Pablo Alborán also play the gramophone. The organization has made clear efforts to expand its scope compared to previous releases, but Grammy is far from subscribing to the musical phenomena that were in their infancy.

The first edition of the Grammy was held in May 1959. They were rewarded with two dinners, one at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles and the other at the Sheraton in New York. Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Andre Pawin, Soundtrack Composer Gigi, Walked the red carpets with impeccable etiquette. The awards have not yet become as historic and fun a show as they are today. A year later the first gala aired on television and in the next issue they wrote “Credo” for the Grammy ceremony: “Sales and mass popularity are a measure of the record business and not for this academy”.

From Barbara Streisand’s debut to the birth of the Beatles, the Graham band proved that they knew how to pick up the pulse of the music scene before anyone else. In the 70s, when they decided to broadcast the gala live, they showed Aretha Franklin, some of the already established Beatles, and the disrespectful David Bowie. The performances were so mythical that they effortlessly attracted the attention of the main chapters. In that decade they became international.

Michael Jackson premiered in 1988, and a year later Metallica would do it One And in 1998 starring Celine Dion My heart continues to pound In one of the most memorable shows. The Latin scholar first appeared on the scene in 1999, when Ricky Martin began his international career singing a Grammy. The cup of lifeWhich was the anthem of the World Cup that year.

The 2000s were a Grammy genre in itself: from the red carpet – Jennifer Lopez changed the dress to the fashion of the beginning of the century – to the controversy, for example, when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift and asked for an award. For Beyoncé. And, of course, performances. Everyone remembers the Britney Spears Medal, the duet of Eminem and Elton John, or the duo of Madonna and Gorilla.

There has not been a year since 2010 when a Grammy ceremony did not inspire titles for some reason: be it the titanic Lady Gaga, a tribute – such as Whitney Houston or Bob Marley – Adele’s Flight or the conquest of the Absolute Taylor Swift. . But in 2017, changes began. The Grammy ceremonies sacrificed their “faith” and allowed controversy … until it all exploded.

The suspicion that the recording academy rates record numbers on musical quality dates back to 2017. As early as 2012, they redesigned the categories and reduced them from 109 to 78, where folklore was lost. The Grammy Awards never tried to hide their favorite genres, which is why they did not include rock until 1979 or rap until 1989. And their relationship with hip hop, RnB, and other urban music has not improved since.

Beck’s victory on the 2015 album Beyonce And with Taylor Swift 1989 on For butterfly pimples, Kendrick Lamar, in 2016, was one of two events in which the public lost confidence in Grammy. But not only them. Some of the most popular artists on the planet have called for a boycott of the awards. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Bruno Mars won Best Album 24K magic About Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Lord and Childish Gambino. Three months later Lamar received the Pulitzer Prize in Music. For his part, in 2017 Frank Ocean refused to submit his album Blonde As a critique of the vague voting system.

“I will not allow my record company to submit my music to the Grammy Awards,” The Weeknd said in a 2021 statement, condemning the secret committees that approve the nominations are still “corrupt”. The musician responded like this after the successful album A few hours later Did not appear in any of the 80 nominations for 2021. She has been backed by other black rappers and artists, plus previous complaints from Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, Wiz Khalifa, Jay-Z or Drake. The latter, in fact, dropped out of the two categories in which he competed this year. Jay-Z even became the most nominated artist in Grammy history.

Zane was also outspoken in his criticism of “let go of Grammy – and accused them of” influencing favoritism, racism and networking politics in the voting process. “But racism is not the only trouble facing the Grammys.

In 2018, in the middle of a wave me tooThe nominations were far from equal, so the networks started to move Hashtags #Gramisomal. The situation did not improve when Academy President Neil Portnoy said in his speech that women needed to “improve their performance.” A comment that set fire to networks where thousands of people demanded his resignation.

The following year Michelle Obama opened the gala accompanied by Lady Gaga, Jada Pinkett, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Lopez. Portown resigned five months after becoming president. A few months later, Deborah Dugan became the first woman to be in charge of the Grammy ceremony, but was immediately fired after several charges of harassment and creating a toxic environment at work.

The advent of COVID-19, against all odds, gave the academy a break and the opportunity to correct mistakes and heal wounds. They turned the internal organizational scheme upside down, hiring more women, younger and more diverse talents. While some artists remained unhappy (such as The Weeknd), critics accepted the change in the 2021 Gala. “It was the most consistent, decisive, hospitable and most lucrative evening in the last 20 years of the Grammys,” they said. In The Washington Post. Unfortunately, the audience was not on board: the Grammy ceremony saw the lowest number in their history, with 8.8 million spectators. To understand the idea, in 2014 they approached 29 million. Will they be able to overcome the disaster this year?

For the 64th edition, the recording academy complied with The Weeknd’s wish and abolished the secret committees. Now only eligible members – who should have been recognized production producers, translators or engineers – were responsible for selecting each category. “More than 90% of the members will have to go through the retraining process by the end of the year, which will ensure that their voices are actively involved in music creation,” they said, guaranteeing a little more transparency.

The only controversy that starts with these Grammys concerns Kanye West, who has been convicted of defamation on social media. Amid allegations of harassment of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and other bizarre behavior, the rapper insulted Graham presenter Trevor Noah and accused him of being “black anti-black.” The academy then decided to cancel his invitation. For its part, Instagram blocked the Western account and increased consumer criticism, even starting to collect signatures through Change.org to remove the rapper from this year’s Coachella Festival poster.

The most important music awards play this label in a scenario where physical media is in danger of extinction. Will they win Grammy Awards? On Sunday-Monday morning, from 2:00 a.m. (Peninsula time), the suspicions will disappear.

Source: El Diario


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